Tempur mattresses are world leading in both relief and longevity, and have a reputation second to none. The mattress is the most influential issue in deciding whether your form and sleep patterns are supported at night. As a good night’s sleep is necessary for your health and wellbeing, it is vital to make an investment in a truly first-rate mattress that gives the personalized remedy and support that you need.

We provide 4, unique, specifications of mattresses – each with a unique feel – and a range of individual features and benefits. All mattresses feature patented memory-foam material, which conforms to the weight, shape and warmth of your physique to offer individual comfort and unique support.

And, unlike other ‘normal’ memory foam mattresses, Tempur will return to its unique shape for the lifestyles of the product.

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 About the brand

‘The early years: NASA, sleep and science…

In the 70s, NASA developed a unique, pressure-absorbing material to help cushion the bodies of astronauts during the physical rigours of lift-off. This, unqiue, material was designed to be temperature-sensitive and it evenly distributed an individuals body weight. NASA then ‘launched’ this utterly unique to the  general public in the 1980s and a brand was born.

Another set of scientists, at two different, but quickly merged, companies Fagerdala in Sweden and Dan-Foam in Denmark, persisted with further development on the original creation. After almost a decade and hundreds of thousands of research and development dollars, they perfected what is now known as their unique sleep enhancing material.

People in almost 100 countries now benefit from the perfect nights sleep as a result of their ingenuity and persistence, not to mention their endless quest for manufacturing perfection.

Keeping up with ever increasing demand meant in 2001 they partially relocated to the US, constructing a highly specialised Research & Development and engineering facility in Duffield, Virginia along with a manufacturing plant in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In addition, the original R&D facility and manufacturing factory in Denmark has been extended and adapted notably over the years to meet the increasing demand for mattresses, beds and pillows from all over the world.

Today: everything you need for your best night’s sleep’


T&J Levy, a family furniture business established since 1943. 

Run by  Anthony Levy who, himself and collectively with John, the  manager, have been working in this well revered business for over 80 years collectively. With our Central Manchester showroom and a wealth of information that is unmatched in the trade, you can be certain we will help you choose the best mattress and bed for you and your lifestyle.

It is additionally backed up by using especially skilled and knowledgeable staff. We trust there is a need for a business enterprise that can offer a exquisite choice of high high-quality products at a less expensive price. Because of our lengthy record and expertise in the industry we agree with we can deliver to you, our customer, an altogether highest quality experience.

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